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 January 1, 2021

Greetings Sun Child!


Thank you so very much for your interest in being a Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC Brand Ambassador.

Our Company is moving away from earning 10% per item to earning a flat rate in dollars when certain items are sold using the Brand Ambassador Code. Beginning January 1, 2021, Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC is launching our new commission program. We are a family company and understand that these are trying times.

While it's very usual for Brand Ambassordars to earn points, credit, free products, and 10% of the sale we want to give a little more and share with our Soleil Beauties. If you are interested in becoming a Soleil Beauty keep reading.


Please read the following carefully.


All Ambassadors receive 25% off Soleil Beauty Botanicals Core Product line to promote products effectively and efficiently and 15% off all our Vendors & Designers.

**Disclaimer codes deactivate when we run a promo and will reactivate once promo ends**


Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC is looking for candidates who are excited to be a part of our new Black Woman-owned, Woman-led, Cruelty-free brand and eCom/Dropshipping company.


Once you receive your product(s), please post an Instagram picture or video on your feed or and stories with the product(s) and with before/after results, and tag @soleilbeautybotanicalsfashion in your Instagram and Facebook bio, Likes, and comments.


Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC will also create a personal10% storewide coupon code for you to share with friends and followers on social media. This code will be our way of tracking your referrals.


Earn $10 for every Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC Core items $60 and above

Earn $5 for every other Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC Core items ranging from $24.95-$59.95

Earn a percentage (10%) of sales made with our Private Label Collaboration, Vendors, and Designers.

As we growing as a company and adding new products quarterly within the next 12 months to grow and expand our Health, Beauty, and Wellness Brand. There will be a wider product range to promote.

No need to house products simply promote products via Social Media and Earn with every transaction your code is used.


Payout via PayPal. Payouts are sent the following month of the prior month's sale (The first Friday of the full week following month)

i.e From January 1st -January 31st you make $300.00. You get a payout in February. The first Friday of the full week.

Please note per IRS any Independent Contractor that receives $600 or more per tax year is to receive a 1099 form. All Brand Ambassadors that reach $550 will be required to provide certain information so that once $600 is reached we have the needed information on file so Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC may comply with the IRS regulations.
If information is not provided the Band Ambassordors code will be removed and no further earning will be available until the information is provided to payroll.


Once you receive your code be sure to add to your email contacts so our future emails don't go into your spam folder.

Soleil Beauty Botanicals LLC Core Values:

*Mindfulness is POWER

*Wellness is WEALTH

*Grateful is our LOVE LANGUAGE


Thank you so much for your support and remember to turn your face to the sun so that the shadows follow behind you.

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